a children's book

written & illustrated
by Sarah Maria Sun

93 pages, 45 pictures, text, colour
from age 6 - 106

For every HEINI book sold, € 1,- goes to
the Amadeu Antonio Foundation.

Heini grows up in Littleboogertown, where all people are nuts for pickles, always in a super grumpy mood and always afraid of everything. And they know who’s to blame for their grumpiness and their fear: those neighbors from Greaterboogertown!
One day, Heini meets Leopold, a Greaterboogertowner. They become friends, and together they defy all the meanies around them with their courage and their fantasy, They go on a magic journey, and Heiniman and Superpoldie, with a little giant’s help, outwit all the Boggertownees.

A picture book to laugh and to think about prejudices and exclusion. Told through a metaphor of pickles, strawberrycakes and Gina Giant, who magically sees them all clearly through her Superglasses.


This is Heini. With very big ears and always in a bright mood. He lived in a little town. As little as a tiny booger on a map. That’s why it was called Littleboogertown. And it's citizens were nuts for pickles!
They ate pickles for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And for snacks, of course. When they met, they yanked up an arm and yelled: “Hail the Pickle!”, instead of just saying “Hello”. And there was the Pickle Feast. It was more important than Christmas. Then they voted for the Pickle King. Heini’s dad had won eight times, because he could scream “Hail the Pickle!” the loudest.
If the Littleboogertownees couldn’t talk about pickles, they beefed and baa-d about anything and everything. And were champions of Daydreamingnightmares, of Havingthecreeps and Gettingthewillies. And they explained to Heini every day who was to blame for their super grumpy moods and their fear: The Greaterboogertowners! (Which were the citizens of the neighboring town.)
One day, Heini meets a Greaterboogertowner boy. They become friends, and together they defy all the meanies around them with their courage and their fantasy:
“Heini, you sure that’s going to become a strawberrycaketree?”
“Anyway for a pickle it’s too big. Soon it’ll grow into the sky.”
“And we can climb all the way up…!”
They go on a magical journey:
“If we grow up to the clouds with it, we can spit on my sister’s and on Big Bert’s heads!”, Heini yelled.
“Boogertown is so tiny now”, Leo screamed delighted, “and far, far away!”
“And if it keeps growing”, Heini pondered, “we will land at Gina Giant’s! She’s even bigger than Big Bert!”
“And she has a real Strawberrycaketree! Yippeee!”
“Tee-hee...”, a deep voice suddenly says. “Who’s tickling my fingers?!”


Sarah Maria Sun is actually a singer. She travels the whole year through the world and sings concerts or operas. She meets many nice and hospitable people in all countries, who like her love to eat strawberry cake. Or cooking her favorite dishes for her. When she has free time between her many travels, she likes to draw and paint or write. That's where she got the idea for HEINI.
Sarah has been living in Dresden for several years now.
If you want to know more about her, you can visit her on her website.
For every HEINI book sold, € 1,- goes to the Amadeu Antonio Foundation.
This foundation supports financially, with network and knowledge as well as man/woman power numerous initiatives and projects of young and old, who are continuously committed to a democratic culture and the protection of minorities.
The foundation provides uncomplicated support and distributes the money where it is most urgently needed.
The most important task of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation beyond financial support is to create awareness for committed local people and to put the issue of right-wing extremism on the agenda for the long term.

The foundation is named after Amadeu Antonio, who was beaten into a coma by right-wing extremist youths in Eberswalde, Brandenburg, in 1990 because he was black. A few days later he succumbed to his injuries. Amadeu Antonio was one of the first victims of right-wing violence in reunited Germany.


https://www.amadeu-antonio-stiftung.de/en/ anti-semitism-conspiracy-myths-the-jewish-perspective-the-actionweeks-against-antisemitism-2020-59963/